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the american league championship series. it will be right here. >> they will go fast. >> we're live in camden yards. back to you. >> got to love that. already talking about the future. head to check out our rakedown. chen versus pettitte. we are not just an the field. you never know who you will run into. >> you never know. brian kuebler is outside the ballpark where he left someone with a little bit of inside knowledge. >> before we get to that i want to show you the gates just opened up at camden yards. there was a line around the corner on camden street. people just starting to file in for game time. we were down here at the yard working on the story for tonight, earlier today. not knowing what our angle would be and then we stumbled on one. last night's loss was a tough
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one, especially after a well played game. as a farntion i can tell you to was -- fan, i can tell you it was hard. the late game loss did temper that excitement. some feel the horal would be fine. today we ran into jim thome's family. his dad chuck said his son is very excited to be here for this turnaround season and think the o's are in a good spot. >> love showalter and all the guys. they got something good going. >> what do you think about tonight? eye think we will be -- >> i think we will be 1-1. >> what cluck really want -- chuck really wants is to hit the warehouse on a fly. that's only been done once
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before by ken griffey, jr. it's never been done in a game that mattered. in the past 15 years there hasn't been a game that mattered as much as tonight. tonight will be incredible timing if jim thome wants to hit the side of that warehouse on a fly. game time is 8:07 and more than enough o's fans are ready to file their way. brian kuebler, abc2 news. switching gears to health alert, concerns continue over a rep cent outbreak of a rare form of fungal meningitis. a third case was confirmed in maryland over the weekend. rosie? >> the tainted steroids came from the new england compounding center which makes prepackaged epidurals. the center takes different ingredients and mixes them into prepackaged bottles, including a substance which is at the center
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of this, a steroid. the tainted epidurals were sent to 23 states. three people in maryland have gotten ill and one has died. it affectings the speenl fluid. med star hospitals have never used any products from the new england compounding center. epidural had been a standard for any relief. >> depends on the preference of the doctor, how easy it is and the way we were trained. i was trained to mix my medication by myself. i don't use compounded medication, but there's nothing wrong with using compounded medication. the only draw back, which is causing the scare now in the public is the infection. >> swouns wednesday again, we
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want -- once again we want top stress none of the med star hospitals has used it. seven centers have used the epidurals for pain treatment. go to our website for more information. in august we told you about an internet scam that locks up your computer allowing scammers to demand a random to fix it. that is back and now they are using a state agency to try to fool you with it. you suffer the web thinking no one is looking over your shoulder but scammers want you to believe big brother is minding your business. >> it's scary. >> reporter: frightening because this scam involves con artists claiming to be with the state agency. they're locking up computer screens through a virus and claiming the only way to fix it is top send $200 to the maryland comptroller. >> we do not monitor any type of
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internet activity and we would not lock their computer and ask them to send money to us. >> reporter: the comptroller's office said it's a twist the fbi warn about weeks ago where web users end up on a come promielsd site which give scammers the chance to lock them up. >> id fraudulent. it's fake. do not send anyone money because that's not being authorized by the comptroller of maryland. >> reporter: but scammers want you to think it is. using a state or federal agency gives their scheme credibility. that's why the comptroller office is putting the word out. >> we know that it's out there. >> reporter: the best way to keep your computer shave is to keep your antivirus software up to dat and never click on links
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you're not familiar with. well, october is breast cancer awareness month and we are taking your calls. all you have to do is call 410-481-2222 to get all your questions answered. >> that's right. we have an oncologist standing by waiting to answer your questions. a live look -- at camden yards. first pitch just two hours away. we'll have more on that. barnhill: you hear a lot of talk about question seven...
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so let me tell you what i know: if question seven passes, my company's going to... bring table games, like blackjack and poker... right here to baltimore. a twenty-five million dollar investment... that'll create five hundred new jobs. all right here. today, marylanders are spending $500 million gaming... in other states. let's keep it here. i'm chad barnhill, and we're ready to build right here. we're ready, and it's real. and all that has to happen... is question seven.
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this month we are getting questions answered. you have about 15 minutes left. we have people standing by top as your questions. right now we're joined by a professor on breast oncology at the university of m doctor, thank you for joining us. talk to us about the importance of clinical trials. >> for clinical trials, it allows us to make progress and trooment of breast cancer and other cancers. i think it's extremely important that patients consider participation in clinical trials. at the university of maryland we participate in different clinical trials. we have couples interested in
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clinical trials which target the therapy. one of the trials is looking at treatment. it's called affinity trial. it's extremely important and that's how we make progress. i think overthe years we have developed many different drugs for treatment of breast cancer. >> some people have concerns is it safe? >> absolutely. i think it's a valley concern, but certainly patients who are on clinical trials follow this closely. i think the concern is valid. like i said, that's how we make progress. that's how we develop it. >> also learn about different treatments. >> yes. so we have different types of breast cancer and with new agents coming on, we are looking
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for novel treatments that hopefully will help us cure more patients. >> okay. thank you very much. >> yak for having us. >> you can give us a call at 410-481-2222. now let's go over to mike for a look at weather. >> take a look at weather in motion. a pretty chilly afternoon. it was a struggle to get to 50 degrees. it was low 70s. chesapeake beach same deal a cloudy gloomy afternoon. we do have the clouds but dry at present moment 62 degrees in the city. 63% humidity. that northeasterly wind will ab key component. it should be around 69 this time
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of the year. take a look. 52 in the city. frederick at 48. you notice some blue off in the lefthandf your tv screen. that's where temperatures will struggle to get into the 30s. brisk and cool. going into tonight 4 around 11:00. we wake up top mostly cloudy sky and another day we struggle to get out of the 50s with the possibility of a spot shower. clear overhead toward the south. we've been watching spot ni showers near -- spotty showers near anne arundel county. this is our animation of the radar showing us the steadier showers have been north and west of the city. that will clues through the course of this evening but eventually we're going to see
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some moisture swing in. that's why we are anticipating those scattered showers to be with us through really most of the game. future trend showing us at 8:00 spot ni showers. there play be a lill and another recharge of showers after midnight. so i think we get the game in but spotty showers and a steadier shower as we head toward the predawn hours. clouds with us. spot shower and more clouds will be with us as we head into wednesday. temperatures starting to warm up. we'll get into warmer air from kansas city back toward the west. that will eventually come. 43 degrees in town. mostly cloudy. 57. that's hour two degree guarantee tomorrow and the possibility of a spot shower. partly cloudy skies and cool. here's your seven-day forecast. a warming trend. there's one more shot of chilly hair that comes into play for
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thursday. we'll bounce nicely. it's a nice weekend right now. blnd of sunshine and cloud -- blend of sunshine and clouds. could be popping 75 by monday. >> tonight we will continue our coverage of democracy 2012. jamie will interview a local candidate. >> will the birds play tonight? we'll have to wait and see. >> and hope and pray.
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we are committed to giving you the information you need. as part of our commitment to democracy 2012 we're bringing you five-minute one on one interviews with the candidates. we have the libertarian candidate for maryland's 6th direct. >> i'm nicholas mueller, the libertarian candidate for congress in the 6th direct. the reason i'm running is to provide voters a real choice rather than the republicans and democrats who only disagree on where they want the government to interfere in your life. >> we're speaking with a $16 trillion debt. housing market that's shaky. where do you start to finding solutions. >> i think the right solution is to get the government out of the
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economy as much as possible. it's gotten too big. it spends too much money. what we really need to do is let the free markets solve a lot of these problems. as for the housing market, that's a harder issue. a lot of bad debt still needs to be clear before any real recovery is possible there. >> former secretary of state condoleezza rice recently called education the civil rights struggle of our day. do you agree with that assessment and how do you address it. >> i believe that education is a big problem, but the problem is in the that there's too little government in education but much too much. we need to allow the free market to provide things like voucher programs, charter schools and allow bad teachers to be fired and good teachers to be rewarded. >> what do we do with afghanistan? what's the end game?
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>> this has not been clear what the end game of the current administration are a last administration will be in the middle east but what we should really do is march the troops out as quickly has we marched them in. >> is the healthcare reform act the answer. mitt romney said he will refeel immediately. so what is your stance. >> the healthcare has a lot of good intenses but it's not going to accomplish those goals it. create as bigger government bureaucracy and it tries to reduce prices by initiating price controls and those things don't work. what we really need is to create free market solutions look allowing insurers to compete for your business rather than forcing everybody to buy insurance and restricting the types of insurance that those people can buy. >> how do you address the
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ongoing stalemate and generallal nastiness that exists in both houses. >> i think to a large extent the nastiness has been everblown by the media. stalemates are a good thing because it stops the government from making big drastic changes in people's lives unless there is an agreement about those changes. as for myself i find things aagree with on both sides of the aisle. republicans, aagree with lower -- agree withler taxes and simpler tax code. for the democrats, i think the government should be out of your social life. >> you've been listening to nick chloe last mueller. to see this interview and other canned interviews, log on to don't forget to vote tuesday
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november the 6th. >> all right. we'll have much more candidate interviews throughout the monthment tonight hi is down ated yard. >> and the best spot. i'm joce sterman. >> have a good evening. >> go o's.
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